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Questions and Answers

Name for my healthy recipe/lifestyle blog?IM trying to come up with a blog about cooking healthy and im having trouble coming up with a name that has a nice ring to it for example: Cooking light, cooking lean, lean cuisine
Also, it can be general about lifestyles or anything along those lines.

Thank you! :)

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ActiveHealthy Cooking Healthy Life

Light and Lean Cooking

Lean Cuisine for You and Me

Cooking for Health

Healthy Cooking and Lifestyle Tips

Lifestyles of the Healthy and Happy.

Why is healthy lifestyle important?

Posted by simon g
ActiveEveryone would have individual reasons why a healthy lifestyle is important, but here are some general ones:

*Because health is wealth! Inasmuch as you cannot place a monetary value on healthy, vibrant life.

*Because true health significantly reduces your likelihood to succumb.

*Because you don’t want to have discomfort laying in some bed in the hospital when all you had to do was cook healthy meals at home to strengthen all systems in your body.

*Because you don’t want to have to pay super high medical bills for being rushed to the hospital because of a stroke or heart attack. Remember the phrase: Pay now, or pay later. You could either pay a little more for healthy foods (grass-fed meats, fresh, organic produce, fresh milk, etc) or pay a boatload of money in the future for chemotherapy, surgeries, etc

*Because you just want to feel good all the time and be able to play with your kids and grandkids, travel the world, accomplish your goals, look good – pretty much enjoy life!

REMEMBER: your health is not only an asset, but a liability.

Read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price and begin to learn about true health.

Wishing you the best in health.

Mr. Obie

Am I leading a healthy lifestyle?I am 16, about 5’9 and 150 lbs, but I have little to no body fat, thats pretty much all muscle, because I look really skinny, last time I got my body fat measured I was at around 9%. I play basketball for about 1 hour every day, and I also do sprinting workouts for another 30 minutes every day because I am on track.

My diet is:
Breakfast: 2 Weetabix w/ milk (Wheat cereal bars)
Snack: 2 Granola Bars
Lunch: Turkey Sub with Lettuce and Cheese
Dinner: Pasta, Risotto, Chicken etc.
After dinner: 6 Weetabix w/ milk.

I drink 1 Diet Coke per day, and lots and lots of water.

Am I leading a healthy lifestyle?
I also take daily vitamin supplements.
In addition to my turkey sub i usually have a chicken sandwich with lettuce and cucumber

and for dinner i usually have like green beans, potatoes or sweetcorn with my main dish.

Posted by Mike B
ActiveDefinitely healthier than most but you may want to adjust your diet a little bit. At 16 you’re still growing so son’t stress too much about fat percentage, you’re obviously on the right track. It’s good to start these habits at your age because as you get older you may not be as active or be able to metabolize foods as quickly.

First you can substitute the milk with soy milk for less fat and add a fruit to your breakfast.

Watch the granola bars because they are not as healthy as you think. They are loaded with sugar and preservatives. Try making your own granola which is pretty easy to do, or try loose granola from a health food store.

Turkey is the best out of processed meats but it is still processed which means lots of nitrates and sodium. If possible try fresh turkey. I would also add fruit to this meal as well. Lettuce does not have any nutritional value unless it is a spring/mescalin mix.

Pasta and Risotto are both starches so you should watch the intake, especially if you’re worried about carbs. Chicken is usually a safe bet depending on how it is prepared. There are tons of marinades and dry rubs so that you can change it up a bit without having to fry it or dip in sauces.

Water is great but if possible you should try to eliminate the diet soda. Diet soda is just as bad as regular soda. It may have less fat and/or calories but the sugar substitute used is one of the worst chemicals you can put in your body. Soda rots your teeth and is just an all around bad thing. Obviously one can is not the worst thing, many soda drinkers have at least a few cup/cans a day but still if you can cut it out you should.

What’s with the Weetabix? Try new things so you don’t fall into a diet rut. Try other wheat/grain products, there are a lot out there these days. And again, I suggest fruit.

Good luck, I’m going to grab some lunch!

Health and Lifestyle Interventions – Self Management

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